how to get the most out of Apple Music

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July 22, 2015
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how to get the most out of Apple Music


Whether it’s a gym membership, a new car, or an expensive bottle of wine at dinner, it’s always good to try before you buy. Released last month, Apple Musictook that idea to heart and decided to comp the first three months of the service for new users.

And while three months may seem a bit excessive, it’s a good thing the Apple Music trial period is lengthy because exploring the sheer volume of songs and features available can take hours or even days to parse.

With so much to hear and not enough time in the day, we’ve assembled five of our favorite features that every newcomer should try in order to use Apple Music to the fullest.

Don’t have Apple Music yet? Our guide has got you covered!

Explore Apple’s curated playlists and create your own

Having unlimited access to music means needing a way to organize it all so you have just the right songs for the right situation. Making playlists is not in itself a fancy new feature, but Apple Music adds a few bells and whistles to the experience worth playing around with.

Apple Music tips and tricks

The biggest attraction here are the specialty playlists created by Apple itself. Just search keywords like “meditation” or “party” to find appropriate lists built by top curators to suit your needs. If you’re like us, you can expect to lose a few hours in this feature making that perfect set for your morning jog or perfect chill-out mix for work.

Fancy yourself a music tastemaker? You can also take your favorite playlists, gussy them up with a written description, upload a picture, and share them with your friends over iCloud so they can listen, too.

Apple Music tips and tricks

Go on a music video spree

An understated part of Apple Music’s massive selection is that many of its songs are available in the format that killed the radio star: video. Just about everything you want, from creepy Nine Inch Nails productions to The Lonely Island skits (“Jack Sparrow feat. Michael Bolton,” anyone?) to Top 40 pop extravaganzas are available for viewing on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Checking out a new track is simple: just look up the video like you would any song, album, playlist, or artist. No more dishing out extra money for a single video that just takes up space on your hard drive or sitting through an annoying ad on VEVO’s YouTube page.

Apple Music tips and tricks

Follow your favorite acts with Connect

Connect combines the familiarity of social media with today’s top musicians by offering a Twitter-esque feed where artists can make status updates, share photos, and even premiere their latest work before it’s available anywhere else.

When starting up Apple Music for the first time, the setup process gives you a chance to pick out some of your favorite contemporary artists, giving you a headstart, however, should you have missed it, all you need to do is hit the “Follow” button located on each artist’s main page that you’re interested in. From there, just check the “Connect” tab and see what your favorite musicians are up to, and even leave behind a “like” or a comment.


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